Hercules DJControl Jogvision USB DJ controller for Serato with In-Jog Displays and AIR Control

35,999.00 20,999.00

  • In-jog led displays show you where you are in the track
  • Improves the DJ’s performance: DJs can concentrate on their performance, instead of focusing on their computer screen, makes scratching easier: DJs see position of the track, instead of their computer screen
  • Jog wheels that look and feel like the platters on DJ CD players, scratch with the DJcontrol jog vision
  • Large, solid 2-deck DJ controller, controls 2 virtual decks + 1 virtual mixer, rugged black casing, powerful jog wheels – 5.9-inch in diameter: Similar in size to the platters on DJ CD players, touch detection + visual guidance, high resolution, low latency
  • Air control: Creative and spectacular – DJs can use the air control to gradually manipulate the low-pass filter, without any physical contact, the air control’s range of 12-inch/30 cm lets the DJ’s hand movements be seen by the audience
  • 1 Year Manufacture Warranty

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